Do you have old board games that you don’t play anymore? Are they just sitting on your shelves collecting dust?

Here at Bel Air Games, we’ve got the solution for you! We’re willing to put your used games on our shelves, and you’ll be able to turn them into store credit.

The process is easy – you bring in your used game, and we’ll sit with you and help you fill out a form detailing the game’s condition, and set your asking price. (Or, you can fill out the form at home!) We’ll put it on our shelves! The game is still yours, and you can take it back at any time. If it sells, the person who bought it will have 3 days to make sure they’re satisfied with their purchase and that the game is in the listed condition. After 3 days, we’ll notify you of the sale, and we’ll credit you with 80% of your asking price in Store Credit! It’s not just board games, though… We’ll take used miniatures in the same way!

We’ve already had games fly off the shelves – it’s a win-win! You get to turn your old games into new ones, and someone gets a game they were looking for at below the normal cost.

Come on in and bring your old games today!