When you play at Bel Air Games, you are agreeing to behave in a civil manner. Below is a list of rules and guidelines our guests are expected to follow while on our premises.

  • While gaming with us please do not use profanity, offensive language or hate speech. Every word has a family-friendly substitute; such as Frak, Fudge, etc.
  • During play and in discussion please be respectful and polite. The topic of sex is off-limits and we strongly suggest our guests avoid discussion of religion or politics due to their potentially divisive nature as topics of conversation.
  • Use your indoor voice. Please do not scream, yell or make excessive loud noise. Please wear headsets if you choose to listen to music while gaming.
  • By law we cannot allow alcohol, pornography, firearms, weapons or illegal drugs on Bel Air Games premises. Gaming while intoxicated is also off the menu, as well as a great way to lose.
  • Per Maryland law, no smoking is allowed inside Bel Air Games. In deference to our non-smoking patrons inside the store, if you smoke outside the building please stand fifteen or more feet from our front entrance.
  • Please don’t meander about the sales floor of the store with your backpack, minis case or any other large bag or container. When playing in the game space, please leave your gaming gear at your table or stash it with us behind the front counter. If you aren’t actively gaming, please leave backpacks, etc. in our care behind the front counter.
  • Please slow down, do not run in the store. Although it should be obvious please refrain from wrestling, imitation Mixed Martial Arts or any other type of fighting.
  • Though we sell snacks and beverages we don’t allow drinks without lids in the gaming area. A Black Lotus with a Coke stain is a tragedy.
  • Please do not bring unpaid merchandise into any of our gaming rooms or play areas.
  • Like most stores we absolutely do not allow any player-to-player sales of cards or other merchandise on our premises. Trading is fine, we’ll even help newer players evaluate potential trades if asked. We suggest several options as substitutes for selling cards when trades are not possible; you could ask the other party to buy one or more packs of cards from us in exchange for the cards you’re offering, you could do the same with single cards from us or, if you’re simply looking for cash check our buying lists or make use of our unique Customer Consignment Board (details available upon request).
  • Please pick up after yourself and leave the game space as clean and neat as you found it.

If you have a question about any of these rules and guidelines or need clarification please ask a Manager. Our goal is to create an environment where everyone can have fun…after all, it is a game store!