Brand New Edition, Brand New War.

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This month, the hit miniature games Warmachine and Hordes get a brand new edition with Mark 3 on June 29th. The game has been adjusted to accommodate play at larger scales, and is now better balanced at the introductory box Battlegroup level. We’ll be having events for both experienced players and those completely new to the game.

For new players and experienced players looking to get back in, we have a Journeyman League starting.  In a Journeyman League, players start with one of the Battle Group starters for Warmachine or Hordes and every week you are allowed more units until the end you have a competitive level army to play with.

For experienced players who want to jump into the new edition with both feet, we’ll be running a release Full Steam Ahead tournament on Saturday, July 2 to celebrate the release.  This 75 point, Four round tournament will feature points for a variety of achievements (not just match wins) and prizes for Best Painted and the Best Sport.