Howdy, Magic players! This past weekend was a hit, but we’re not done yet! You wanted Origins, you’ve got it! This weekend we have a number of events happening to satisfy your thirst for Magic.

First off, though, don’t forget that we’re offering preorders on Magic Origins booster boxes! $119.99 will get you a guaranteed box of this high-demand set. Make sure you get yours today!

Thursday evening at midnight, Bel Air Games will be running our first midnight release! Come draft Origins and get your hands on the set before anyone else! We’ll be running 3 rounds of draft – no matter the turnout – and we’ll be handing out prizes of Origins at our normal rates – 2 packs per player into the prize pool! Plus, you’ll get a Mizzium Meddler promo card just for attending!


The fun doesn’t end there, however! Friday at 7:00 pm will be our normal Friday Night Magic – We’ll be running standard and draft. In addition to our normal prizes, all entrants will be getting the Mizzium Meddler promo.

The weekend of Origins still isn’t over. Saturday will have our Grand Prix Trial for GP Madison! Even if you can’t head all the way to Wisconsin, it’s still a great idea to come since you’ll be getting 6 packs of Magic Origins along with the Mizzium Meddler promo! The tournament entry fee will be $28, and will kick off at 1 pm. In addition to the 2 packs per player into the prize pool, the winner will be getting a 2 byes at GP Madison!

There’s no “lazy” Sunday when it comes to Origins! We’ll be having one more release draft at 1 pm, with our normal $14 entry fee and 2 packs per player into the prize pool. Be sure to come out, since this will be your last chance to pick up that sweet Mizzium Meddler promo!

Monday will be the start of our next round of Sealed League! We’ll be starting with a clean slate, so everyone is on an even playing field! Buy in with 6 packs at normal retail price, then come every Monday and play 3 matches to get a free pack of Origins until the release of Battle for Zendikar on October 3rd.

This coming weekend is gonna be huge for Magic, so don’t miss out on your chance to play at the release of the last Core Set ever! We hope to see you!