The God-Pharaoh, Nicol Bolas, has arrived on Amonkhet. He brings with him not the salvation or honor promised by the gods, but destruction and pain. The dead of Amonkhet are Eternalized into Lazotep zombies, loyal only to their master Nicol Bolas. The city of Naktamun falls, and the denizens of the plane must survive in the desert wastelands. Will you fight back and survive, or crumble before the God-Pharaoh’s power?

In order to survive as long as we can, we’ll be having a total of 5 prerelease events! We’ll be having single player prereleases on Saturday, July 8th, and Sunday, July 9th. On Saturday, we’ll be having one prerelease at Midnight and another at 1:00 pm. Our Sunday prerelease will also be at 1:00 pm. Want to play with a friend? We’ve got your back! We will be running two 2-headed giant events, on Saturday, April 22nd at 6:30 pm and Sunday, April 23rd at 1:00 pm. Each of these events will be a $25 entry fee per person, and will be capped at 4 rounds. Each round, winners will receive 1 prize pack of Hour of Devastation.

Unfortunately, we have a limited number of slots for this prerelease. Not to fear, though! We’ll be offering reservations to players who want to assure themselves a spot. This $5 nonrefundable deposit will guarantee you a place at one of our prereleases with the color of your choice. This deposit will be deducted from your full entry fee that day, so there’s no additional cost! Simply ask one of our employees about signing up for the prerelease and we will be able to get you all squared away.