We’ve gotten full spoilers of Modern Masters 2017, and those cards are looking good! We’ve got enemy fetchlands, Snapcaster Mage, and Damnation finally reprinted!


We’ve got limited product, but not so limited that we don’t have it still available for preorder! Come in and place a $50 deposit and you’ll get your box at MSRP – $239.76!

Can’t afford that big of a purchase? We’ll have individual boosters for sale at $9.99 each. We’re also having 3 draft events! Each one will be $35, and will have you drafting 3 packs of Modern Masters 2017, with $5 store credit per player going into the prize pool! We’ll have one draft on the 17th at 7:00pm, and then 2 more on the 18th and 19th, both at 1:00 pm. You can guarantee a seat in the draft with a $5 deposit, so come in today and reserve your spot!