The holidays are coming, bringing with them new snow, new games… and new Staff Picks!

We decided to change up our Staff Picks program to try and bring more active gaming into the store, and our new program is the BAGauntlet!


Similar to other leagues, you’ll buy in for $5 and get your very own BAGauntlet passport. You can use that immediately to get $1 store credit towards¬†one of the games for that BAGauntlet season. For each of the BAGauntlet games you demo in store, however, you’ll double your store credit, up to $16. That’s right, all you need to do is demo 4 games and you’ll basically make $11!

Each season of the BAGauntlet will last 3 months, so you’ll have plenty of time to try out each game. Can’t make it in on a day a staff member is working? No problem! Each staff member will also elect a Game Ambassador that will be able to demo the game with you as well. Just speak to one of the staff members for more details.

The first season of the BAGauntlet starts on December 1st, and features:

Michael Resize

Star Wars: Armada

Rhiannon Resize

Android: Mainframe

Josiah Resize

Android: Netrunner

Scott Resize

Warmachine / Hordes

Come into the store and sign up today!