Do you have a bunch of games that you don’t use any more, but want to be able to barter with other gamers and reach a price that both of you are happy with? Perhaps you have a game you’re designing on your own, and want to run demos of it and sell the first few copies of it you have put together.

We at Bel Air Games have the answer for you – our yearly Gamer’s Market!

As a seller, it’s simple. You’ll reserve one of our tables in the store for $5. We’ll open up the store early for just those who have reserved a table, so you’ll have plenty of time to set up your wares. We’ll give you a set of sales slips that we’ll use to make sure your customers pay for their items. How will that happen? Easy!

When a customer is interested in an item you have, you’ll haggle with them to determine a price you’re both happy with. You’ll fill in the sales slip, writing down your name, the customer’s name, and the item name. Your customer will bring it to the register in the front, and we’ll handle giving them change or running their credit card. After they’ve paid, we’ll stamp the slip so that you know the item has been paid for in full.  Your customer takes the slip back to you, and exchanges the stamped slip for the item they’ve purchased. It’s just like artist alleys at conventions.

At the end of the day, or when you need to leave, simply present us with the paid slips and we’ll put 100% of the value you sold into your account as store credit, usable on anything in the store. You can even use it to buy your way into tournaments!

Our Gamer’s Market will be on Saturday, November 19th. We only have limited tables, so make sure to speak to an Employee to reserve yours today!