date night

Need a break from the kids this summer? No worries, we at Bel Air Games are here to help! We’ll give the parents a nice 3 hour break to go ahead and relax, perhaps grab dinner or a movie. We’ll keep them entertained and fed, and you get some quality alone time. Sounds great to me!

The last Saturday of every month, you’ll be able to drop your children off at 6:00, and pick them up at 9! Our experienced professionals will play board games with your children before giving them a snack and letting them watch a movie to wind down for the night. When you pick them up, they’ll be able to take a copy of one of the games they played home!

A $30 fee will apply, and will provide one game for your child in addition to a snack of popcorn and juice or water. An additional $5 will get your child 2 slices of pizza, or you can pack a larger snack for your child.

If your child does not want one of the games available, they’ll get store credit to spend however they’d like… maybe a game Mom or Dad would like to play?

Children must be 7 years of age or older. All movies shown will be G or PG rated – We’ll make sure the movie is safe for all ages before we show it.